Betting on tennis – the best sport to play

Tennis is a sport where the randomness factor is minimized. Making a bet in the Parimatch bet bookmaker’s office, you evaluate the chances and characteristics of 2 players, not 22, as, for example, in soccer. Predicting the fitness, mental state, personal encounters and merits of 2 players is much easier, you agree. Also in tennis, there are almost no factors such as referee’s mistakes, because most major tournaments have a system Hawkeye, which allows you to check the validity of judges, and we do not talk about ground tournaments, where every stroke can be checked for accuracy.


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At the same time in soccer, the most popular sport for betting Parimatch, the final result can be affected by a huge number of random factors such as referee’s mistakes, silly ricochet, suspensions, player injuries, etc. By the way players’ injuries in tennis betting are practically leveled. Because in the case of injury of one of the tennis players, the match ends and bets are returned (when playing on handicaps and totals). In soccer, the match continues even if the strongest player is injured. A tennis match goes on until one of the players wins, and it does not matter how long it takes to determine the strongest player. Whereas in team sports, soccer, hockey, and basketball the game is limited to time, and, accordingly, variants of playing to keep the score are possible. This kind of thing is poorly predictable. As a result, we get that tennis is the sport, which is easier to predict. And accordingly tennis bets are the most profitable.

Factors that are not considered when forming the line

It is no secret that the odds are formed under the influence of cash flow, but not the real chances of tennis players. So on this in tennis you can make a very good profit, finding important information on the Internet. Tennis tournaments are held almost all over the world, and bookmakers often do not include such factors as long-term flights, time zone changes and the acclimatization of players, who can play in the USA today and in a day fly to Europe to take part in a tournament, which will inevitably affect the quality of the game. Or, for example, tennis players’ rating has a much greater influence on the odds, than the actual form at the moment. There are also constant “gaps” in odds and the real positioning of players when the surfaces change. And the change of surfaces in tennis happens very often, so matches are held, firstly, indoors and outdoors, and secondly, on hard (slow and fast), clay (slow and fast) and grass. So these moments are practically not taken into account when calculating the final odds. Finally, the styles of players are often not taken into account. It is easier for hitters to play on fast surfaces, and for defensive players on slow surfaces.

An important factor when analyzing a tennis match in the Parimatch india app download is the players’ motivation. In soccer it is rare to meet a game where one team needs absolutely nothing and the other needs everything, while in tennis at small tournaments you can find just a horrible game from the favorites. And it’s not uncommon for tennis players to come to a tournament for a “”check””. For example, the Masters Series is very generous in paying players even for a loss in the first round, so why shouldn’t even a very sick player come and take some money for a show on the court?


Live tennis betting

Another important advantage of betting on tennis in Parimatch is the dynamism of the market in live mode, in other words, the market changes after the drawing of each point and especially fluctuates strongly after the breaks (winning someone else’s serve). And considering that an average tennis match has from 3 to 4 breaks, it allows you to play quite effectively on the market changes in tennis betting. An important plus for betting Parimatch on tennis is the ability to watch almost all the matches, ranging from the Challengers and ending with the major ATP tournaments, which allows you to get the information for analysis, so to speak, first hand, and not base only on the statistical indicators of the match.