Bets on StarCraft

StarCraft is one of the most popular disciplines in esports betting in Parimatch India. Lines for this discipline can be found at most bookmakers accepting Starcraft 2 betting. Today esports tournaments are held in StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. The best players in the world tend to be concentrated in South Korea.


StarCraft is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game from Blizzard Entertainment. The game features three races: terrans, protoss and zerg. The goal of the game is to extract resources, develop an army and destroy the enemy base. The most common mode is 1v1.parimatch-starcraft

Types of Starcraft betting and their features

The main types of Starcraft betting are:

  • Outcome: W1 or W2 (victory of one of the players or team);
  • Outcome to the card: W1 or W2 on one separate card.

While everything is clear with the classic outcome (W1 and W2), beginners may have difficulties with other bets. The thing is, in StarCraft esports, everything revolves around maps. An SC esports match can be played in bo1, bo3, bo5, bo7 and so on. In the first case, to win, it is enough to win once (on one card). In the second, to win, you need to win two cards out of three possible. The format of the matches is always known in advance.

Based on the format of the match, the following bets are formed: total less, total over, handicap, even or odd number of cards.

SC2 betting strategies

There are only three races in the game: Terrans (T), Protoss (P) and Zerg (Z). Thus, one participant in a match can play three types of fights, that is, matchups. As a rule, professional Starcrafters play as one race throughout their careers. Any player has some preferences in matchups, that is, it is convenient for him to play against one race, and he often has difficulties against another.

This is influenced not only by the player’s skill (skills and abilities), but also by the features of the patch. Every few months, changes are made to the game related to the characteristics of units, buildings, and so on. One race can be stronger than others due to some game details or unit skills. When choosing rates, it is worth considering these nuances and studying the statistics of previous games of the participants in the match in Parimatch app download apk download.


A lot depends on the card that the players have chosen. When choosing locations, the player tries to ban strong opponent cards and choose his crown cards. Terrans are strong on some maps, protoss do well on others, and the same goes for zerg.

A good way to quickly understand what’s important to esports betting Starcraft is to understand how the pros think. A separate prediction page on the Starcraft betting site will help with this. We recommend not only reading the analytics itself, but also paying attention to the expert’s statistics: is this or that esports discipline his profile and what profitability (ROI) his approaches show at a distance.
Read the esports predictions for today and the coming days.

So, in order to carry out the analysis correctly, you need to know: the type of patch, matchups, watch demos, strong and weak cards of this or that player, and also study the statistics of recent matches and tournaments. The easiest and safest way to bet on StarCraft is classic selections, totals and handicaps. Beginners should focus on these rates as they are the least varied.