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CS GO Betting Odds

Counter-Strike is a virtual online game that was created by two independent developers in 1999. In 2000, the US-based developer Valve acquired the rights to the shooter and offered them jobs. The Steam program, through which some bookmakers accept bets on esports not only on CS GO, but also on other top and less popular online games, is also a product developed by Valve. CS GO is one of the top cyber games. Here, the largest number of participants who make sports bets, international tournaments are held online and LAN with real cash and valuable prizes. Bets on CS GO are accepted by all bookmakers on the csgo betting site.


On legal domestic sites offering bets on CS: GO, you can only make traditional bets for money, bonuses or free bets. In the leading international bookmakers specializing in e-sports, in addition to the usual bets on CS: GO with money, they accept bets with CS: GO things and skins.

In-play CS Go Betting at Parimatch

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular FPS shooters in the world of esports, and here at Parimatch bet you have a real chance to make live bets on almost all CS: GO events.

Whether you’re an avid gamer looking to learn more about the matches on offer, or perhaps just a fan of the franchise looking for a little more information about the game itself, you’ll find everything you need to know.

Live betting is a bet during a CS: GO game, as opposed to betting on CS: GO matches before it starts. This way, you can tailor your bets to the action, providing more betting opportunities than ever before.

Differences between regular and live CS GO bets:

  • Live bets take place during the promotion, not before;
  • There are more betting opportunities in the game than before;
  • Live bets can be settled before the end of the CS: GO game.

Unlike most other bookmakers, the very best esports talent is available to watch at any given time.

The world of esports betting is diverse and full of earning opportunities for people with a wide variety of mindsets.

Both a person who is accustomed to coldly analyzing statistics figures and someone who is ready to improvise and act “on the go” can make money here.

It is for the latter that bookmakers offer to make live bets on e-sports.

Live csgo betting are bets that are made during the match, not before it starts.

Live esports bets are distinguished by lower odds and a smaller list, that is, after the start of the match, most bookmakers severely limit the number of options for betting in Parimatch app (for example, you cannot bet on the first kill, totals and some other events).

There are many games that are added to the line of bookmakers, but only a few of them can be called suitable for betting on live esports and making money all the time.

A good CS: GO player can raise a lot of money, as there are many events to predict, such as pistol rounds, round wins and much more.


Parimatch CS GO Bonus Offers

Bookmaker “Parimatch” gives its clients 15% cashback from bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events.

Go to the csgo betting sites and collect this prize.

CS:GO Live Betting Tips

The main types of betting csgo have a number of advantages. Firstly, they are relevant both before the match and in live. Secondly, the process of analyzing such rates is more understandable and structured. Thirdly, such bets can be found at almost any official bookmaker.

Correct analysis starts with defining the tournament. For example, teams take LAN tournaments more seriously than online ones. In addition, in online matches, the connection quality of the participants can be different, and this greatly affects the effectiveness of shooting and movement.

Next, you need to turn to statistics. On the Parimatch website, you can always find comprehensive information about almost any team or any tournament. The statistics of the last performances and the map pool of teams are of great importance, that is, on which maps the teams play well and which ones are bad.

You should always be aware of changes in team lineups. If in football the replacement of one of the players before the start of the match is not always decisive, then in CS: GO and other team esports disciplines (5v5) this is almost the main factor. Each team member is a key figure. It is unprofitable for teams to keep two equal squads for unforeseen events.


The emotional and physical state of the players also greatly affects the result. For example, it is not always easy for Europeans and Americans to get used to the time zones and food of Asian countries. The first days of the game for foreign teams do not always go smoothly.

Team news can be found on specialized news portals or on the players’ social networks.